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March 16, 2013



There are actually 3 or 4 houses in MD and PA ( one close to me) that have done this.One in particular sits in the woods and they have these carvings everywhere..they must do one every time a tree gets struck or dies. It's amazing...little people and animals peeking out through the trees. And there is a man in my town who actually does this for people. Maybe it's the Black Foot in my blood, but I love these.


I agree Holliw, I think they are so beautiful as well. We have them around here closer to the coast. COntacted a very talented local wood sculptor so we'll see how it unfolds! xoxo

Toni Randal

really? chainsaw carving??? woah!!! I never thought kind exists... but they are wonderful! especially that guerilla art... really magnificent... ^_^

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