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May 16, 2010



What a beautiful space;)


nicely done!

Gill  : )

Right. That's it. I am going to toss a match into my office and start again. Metaphorically speaking. No need to call the police.

Penny Herring

Okay. Your space is lovely. You've inspired me. Time to search out all those dust bunnies and find them a new home. AND, rearrange my workspace to fire up the imagination and inspire... it's important!

Marcia Hamelijnck

What a peaceful place to be working! Great style!


PS. before this looks too picture picture perfect bear in mind the hidden side of this image has a huge treadmill sharing the space. But luckily the woodwork kinda hides the beast visually a little. Not to mention can serve as my daily reminder!

Fast Healthy Figure Guide

Cool!I love your place...very peaceful and organized!It's really pretty cool!..You've really inspired me.

A Twitter User

What a pretty workspace! You can see your painting style evident here: the layered patterns, feminine textures, and lovely colors. I imagine the muse would speak loudly in such a happy place.

Dreaming Bear

How inspiring! Good for you!


how do you keep it so tidy? :o


omg. i forgot to add, what an amazing space! love it :)


hi from someone who reads and enjoys your blog on a regular basis but has, until now, not commented. i love the art and other images, being reminded of a wonderful trip to belize through hearing about your own trips there, that you are living your dreams ... but it's that tray in the third photo that is making me ask - where did you get it? and more specifically, where can i get it? :) please and thanks ...

happy day!


Elegant earthy feminine and serene..what wonderful elements to have make up your studio:)

Kathie Gillaspey

So pretty! So inspiring!

Jessamyn Sommers

Stunning! Beautiful space.


I always buy any tin trays - tin in general for that matter- when I go to vintage and antique stores, garage sales etc. Seems like they where more popular in the seventies. I remember them from my childhood and love that stuff. So this ne is just from a local junk shoppe. I bet they have old tin trays though on ebay.

Kelly Grace

Where'd you get that adorable little Buddha? Also loving the Anthro curtains!



i searched your "papaya" shop, hoping and thinking you might make and sell trays like that, but sadly found none so thanks for the tip. i will scour ebay and local shops (hopefully not in vain) for something as pretty as that lovely tray.

thanks again.


Beautiful space! I recently saw a Bee's Knees poster you uploaded. Are you the artist? Is it for sale somewhere? Poster, bag, etc? I LOVE IT!!!


Yep the Bee's Knees image will probably be available in August through our company PAPAYA.


We are planning to make tin trays...shhhhh...
But haven't quite gotten there yet. We're on the same level though! Love it.

Boracay beach hotel

The office looks fabulous! You did a good job. Congratulations!


oh, that is good news about trays; thank you!!! i'll be watching. :)



I love your new space dedicated to creativity- gorgeous!!


So amazing - the visual array. Is that an Aura Soma Oil.... they are lovely! Have not seen one since I was in Amsterdam several years ago. Those colors sure do suit the room and you!


I really feel drawn to this idea of a nook - - you must feel less distracted and drawn into your world in there! It looks fantastic!

Happy weekend!

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