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January 07, 2010


Janis Blyth

Hi Anahata, I perchased one of your cards in a shop in Sayulita, I believe the owner is a friend of yours. I love your work and really enjoyed my time in Sayulita with my husband and children.I am an artist that paints women and wine themed paintings.We live in a wine area known as The Naramata Bench in B.C., Canada.Maybe you would like to check my web-site( it is in the process of nearly being completed)Who knows maybe your company could use some images to use on wine products.And yes Thailand seems wonderful. The only part about going away is returning and adjusting to the cold.Good luck on your journey, Cheers Janis Blyth


Thanks Janis! Nice paintings. Looks like you live in a beautiful place too...

Janis Blyth

Yes Anahata it is a beautiful place similar to Tuscany during our Summers. Winters quiet right down though. In the summer we get quite a few tourists through because of the wine industry. I am so impressed with your product. The creativity, diversity and the volume of the many different items you sell. If you would like to expand to this area of Canada I could definately be a rep for you. I was in retail for many years and am good with people. You may want to check it out in this neck of the woods someday. Let me know if you are coming out this way. Victoria,Vancouver and Kelowna would be good choices to sell. thanks, Janis


Thailand looks great. I have an imaginary ticket to the Greek island's - stuffed vine leaves and fresh fish supper by the shore...heat and sunlight (something the UK is sadly lacking in most of the time!)


Ana, I'm sure your brother has regaled you with the beauty of Thailand, if I recall, it's one of his favorite places. Of course, he'd probably lobby to have you take him along as your personal guide! Love you guys, Happy New Year!!


Let's go! I can be packed in ten minutes!

wendy mathers

I live in Australia.....need I say more ;)


Darling...let's do go!!!! I know of some fab spa's and not so fab spa's where we could get a 3 or 5 hour massage...all encased in silk!!! Thai tea after and maybe an elephant ride...a painted groovy elephant of course!!!!

Lindsey Skaife-Flynn

My next big trip is Tavarua Fiji.... my husband is a surfer. Thailand looks AMAZING! Have fun!



Merethe :o)

I lOOOVE Thailand!!! :o) I am going this summer and also next X-mas!!!!!!!! :o) Let me/us know if you're going too and maybe we can hook up one day...?!? :o)
Big hugs from Winter WOnderland and COLD Norway, Merethe :o)

Liane Allen

I love Thai food, yummy! and the colors of the country are so exotic and vibrant. Ah, a girl after my own heart. Love your post very funny!

kittie howard

I'm happy I stumbled into your blog. Love your pics/images/artistic style and so on. But I especially enjoyed your 'trip' to Thailand. I've been and it is! Thank you!

web design Los Angeles

WOW wonderful pictures! The place is so beautiful. Thailand sure is a wonderful country.


Anahata! Thailand is great. The people are wonderful. I didn't see much of the tourist side of things as I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there for two years and got to see a whole other side. You will not be disappointed if you go! In April it is the hottest time of year and they have the Songkron Festival-the old thai new year. The traditional blessing of hands with water has evolved into an all out week of strangers tossing water at anybody who drives or walks by! Have fun and if you need someone who speaks Thai-let me know! ; )

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