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January 28, 2010



The "don't worry girl..." card is hilarious!! That's got to be a top seller. Genius.


are you kidding? Valentine's Day is right up there with Christmas, and Easter. first elves and Santa-y things, then when you think it's all anti-climatic and a holiday let-down; you can get the Hearts out and go bonkers with red and white and pink and silver and gold. total antidote for the apres-holiday glums. then Easter!!!!! (my friend calls it Single Awareness Day). I still love the little manila folders we decorated and hung on our desks in elementary school for all the classmates to put cards into. Presidents Day just doesn't do the same thing.

Shirley Ende-Saxe

Pink was originally marketed to be a baby boy's color in the early 20th century because it was a lighter shade of the sturdy lively blood color red. Girls originally had (of course) light blue. Sometime in the 20s the marvelous marketing wizards did a flip and the result was the mystery of pink, Barbie, and a whole lot of misinformation!

Don Peloton

Il est très joli votre blog! Un exemple magnifique de design graphique!! Les choses présentées sont belles!!

Lucinda Keller

Lovely pinks! Just painted my bathroom pink to start of the new year!

My best Valentines Days have been making dinner for all my girlfriends. The boys have never quite gotten the hang of it!

Beautiful cards and images, as always!

Tina Gates

I love to spoil my daughters on Valentines Day...I decorate the table (pinks and reds, of course) and heart shaped pasta - cheesy, but fun x


Ditto on the above comments about the card. Too funny!


I just spent the last few minutes happily wandering your online shop. All your creations are so pretty! The Bliss tote has me daydreaming for spring...and ready to shop the farmer's market or in a vintage shop. And your "don't worry girl" has me grinning. What a great idea!


So many grammar mistakes in this post ! =/


Are you SOLD OUT yet?

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