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January 14, 2010



I really hope from this disaster that the country can re-build in a better & stronger way. It's shocking to me how much poverty we have on this planet.

sheila sabatino

Anahata--thanks for posting the info for helping Haiti--seeing the photos on the television just made me sick---i was there about 15 years ago--whether a person has been to a certain area for a bit of time or not, we have to help one another--especially visiting a place, puts a mark in one's mind forever--never forgetting it---please, please send something---anything--the people of Haiti have always had it rough--economically--politically--everything--the photos must touch your heart--please help the Haitian people--by the way--there are beautiful artwork that comes from there--such a depressed country--such beautiful and lively art--thanks--i am usually not one to beg for causes, but believe me, your heart will be singing for a long time---sam

Jenny Maroney

Pam G. directed me to your words here and yes, thank you for posting about the links to text for help and relief to those poor souls in Haiti. My heart aches for them and I hope the world can stop in its chaotic tracks long enough to truly HELP. Peace- Jenny


This is just heartbreaking! I have donated through the red cross text and also forwarded it to all of my friends in my phone book! It feels like so little, but I know if everyone will do something, anything, it will add up and help. I have followed Rebecca's blog for years and my heart just breaks for her and her precious friends there who are still unaccounted for. I pray that everyone will help in some way.
Milli Wagoner (sashagirl on flickr)


thank you for putting words (and action) to this unspeakable tragedy!
Blessings to all!

Rhonda Scott

My heart breaks and tears flow at this tragedy. I am praying that these beautiful people of Haiti can rise from the ashes and utilize the help we are sending to rebuild their lives. I am hoping that everyone with the ability will help and we send the best of the best to coordinate this massive effort.
Rhonda Scott

Miek Vugts

You can see my site what i did with that foto.

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