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December 08, 2009



I completely understand! I like your analogy to cleaning. Send some of those creative spells my way:)


Wow, how amazing is this blog!!! <3
I just fell in love with it..

I am going to browse through all of it and visit your shop etc.!

(If you might be interested in advertising on my blog, you are more than welcome...!)

Lots of LOVE,



LOVE the new work!


These have such a dreamy feeling to them . . . like an underwater vision. Colored confection like an oasis in a wavy, misty atmosphere . . . LOVE it! Thanks for sharing them, can't wait for Feb!

Andrea Saujani

I can completely relate to the creativity vs. cleaning impulse. My only problem now is that my studio is such a mess I can't keep working until I clean things up!...your new work is beautiful well worth the sacrifice of a tidy house I think.


I received my order today from PaPaYa and I'm sooooo excited. I used the code to receive the bag and art print. I'm thrilled with everything I purchased {not my 1st order} but what blows my mind is the art print that was enclosed...it was "LISTEN" and it happens to be 1 of my top 5 favorite pieces and on my list to order next.It's message is very important to me. Thank you for the wonderful gift!

sherry goodloe

Birthdays are for blessings . . . I really like that one *smiles*. I like your analogy to cleaning as WELL!

Rangadevi flick

You are some igniting fuel for many of us artists to awaken , reawaken, and move it!You have invited beauty back in ."Stay a little longer,linger in our minds..."

Lucinda Keller

Beautiful!!! LOVe the first piece with the bird ... so love and magical, as always!

Thank you for all the creative eye candy!

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