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December 22, 2009



oo you are cute! my son saw this white tree at target and that is the ONE he wants to replace the ugly old one we currently have...i have to say, i'm thinkin it would be fun to have a giant white tree to decorate!! with giant paper porcupine ornaments (the ones you make with all the spiny points) i think it would be grand to take a break from green & red!! enjoy!

Mindy Carpenter

Hello you,

If you're near an Anthropologie...in person or online...you need to buy their blossom pins--both a pin and a hair clip if you want. They are these huge lucious silk flowers in fab colours and you will love them.



You always inspire me. I think your art is amazing, but HOLY COW!! I about blew my coffee all over the monitor. FUNNY. Girl, you are funny! Decorating with the "crap from Safeway." Here I am in awe of your art and now...picturing you at Safeway...looking at well heaven knows what for your Christmas. I love it. Hope the Costco/Safeway Christmas was everything you dreamed and that you had a lovely, warm, wonderful Christmas.

Peace - Kathy

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