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November 13, 2009


gina armfield

Love your "home" which it most assuredly is and not just a house - reflects your spirit to be sure

Dede Warren

I love your new place, welcome home!! I am always torn between the art, color, and texture that I love, and the need for the calm, monotone space my mind needs.


And I love your new place dear. I admire every single place on your new home. Have a great weekend!


Beautiful! You have made this wonderful place your very own. Enjoy and be happy here. Create many memories for years to come.


Thanks for sharing...I'm a nester, I could spend days tweaking this or that around the house or yard to achieve a feel that is just right. I also love to travel and collect things. I hate clutter and knick knacks, so my biggest dilemma in my home is to achieve balance. I also love pink way too much. I'm happiest when I look around me and see all the things that remind me of where I've been, and a style that I hope is my very own.


oh, what a beautiful place to live, i love the painting in the first shot-- truly gorgeous!

stephanie alaine

oh anahata! your home and your art and your words are the links to such a beautiful world. i LOVE your new house, really, could it be more beautiful? yes, yes it can be. you are in it, complimenting every wall and finding art in its originality & design. such a joy, such a joy joy joy. thanks for sharing!

kerri jean

I totally agree that our homes are an extension of our creative selves. I love your new place and the celebration of color and texture. I am constantly redecorating, and rearranging my home as though it were a canvas.


i loved that you shared these. you home is beautiful. such a lovely and cozy representation of you. i am terrible with interiors, and for a long time i felt bad about that. now i just call my style 'eclectic' as my home is a mix of things i love and things i need. i love the color too... such a dreamy blue. xo


What a beautiful, colorful home!


you got your home together in a week?!!! that's crazy, I am totally impressed. I have been in my new space for five months and still have a lot to unpack. how do you do it so fast?

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What a beautiful world when you have a beautiful house. This place is what I fall inlove with.

Deirdre G

Ritti Soncco

Dear Anahata, your beautiful series for PaPaYa! found its way to Ulm, Germany, just when I was started flirting with collages. Your work is a beautiful inspiration. Your create such wonders. Keep the art pouring and keep up your blog! Lots of Love, Ritti Soncco

Julie Fillo

Is that painting in the first photo by you? I love, love love it, as I love all your work.
Your house looks blazingly fantastic!

Julie Fillo

Stop snoring

I wanted to have my own house as beautiful as that. Your house gives me an inspiration to work harder in order to own a house as stunning as that.

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