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October 13, 2009



That Heidi Klum is a riot, isn't she?
I'm betting it's tough to get in and out of a car or even a LIMO with that getup on!! This sure made me smile. Love your stuff. I have it everywhere! ;o) Kathy in Chicago

Penny Patten

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. When else can we dress up as any thing we can imagine, and have so much fun! My Mother always said just use your imagination, find things around the house. One year I dressed as the flu, another a mummy, but I have to say one of my favorites,(and it was weird), was half man half women. So pants on one side, skirt on the other, half mustatche, half lipstick, you get the picture, talk about creating stares!!! Have fun!

Melody Sage

Wow that Kali costume is stellar!This year I am going to paint my face, buy a big second hand frame, and go as a self portrait. Kind of meta.


What about...going as an authentic being. Otherworldly and beautiful...white...gold...like a heavenly godess....and speaking truth from the heart... You would blow everyone out of the water with your presence. Be an ever present being...listen, watch. observe and speak truth....you wouldn't even have to drink to get thru the night.


holy mackerel!! Heidi Klum has really outdone herself here!!

I struggle with a costume every year too and end up with my standard wings or tiny witch hat with orange top- lame-o. Good luck to you!


i adore halloween! i love playing dress up though so it's my kind of "holiday". this year i'm going to go as a classic, a vampire.

my mum made me the most incredible costume a few years ago and i look for reasons to wear it. complete with flowing black lace sleeves and medieval aura i finish it off with professional fangs which i have to mold to my own teeth, a long black wig and smokey eyes. i'd wear it every day if i could!

*sneak peek pics on my blog with full outfit shots to come*


I love Halloween! This post is great and your website is beautiful...I'm currently working on a project called 365 Days of Being 30...stop by my website and take a look when you can! www.365daysofbeing30.blogspot.com



I have not visited in a long time and showed at the right time for your post.I love the top photo but would freeze to death here in New England,which I have done in the past when I was younger in skimpy costumes.My best costume,I was a Southern Belle.I found a big puffy pink tulle vintage prom gown with hoop underneath the skirt and it had a matching tulle bonnet with huge pink roses.By the end of the Halloween night festivities I looked like Scarlett in the scene where she was all tattered and torn in the mud covered in dirt.Not a practical costume for a country girl from Concord at that time.
I know what you mean about commercialism of Halloween,Salem has become Disney.
Still pondering at this age what to wear at 54 yrs to Salem? I have fibro and arthritis and cold is wretched....Any suggestions ideas?? I graduated from Salem State College in Salem Mass where I lived for years (now near Cape) and was a 'white witch',herbs,crystals connected to mother earth.It is frightening to think of what is going on with all these gorey movies and media today.I love the tinfoil idea for a crown.Heidi is wicked scary!

kelly thomas

Love the photos...
and as a project runway fan,Heidi
ceases to amaze me.Happy Halloween!


I think I am going to go as Medusa.


i'm going as leela from futurama, making her 'eye' out of window screen and painting it white, to go over my own, scored a purple wig (new) at Saver's, making her wrist computer out of cardboard and random LED's, and have all the other costume pieces in my own closet!


thanks for the inspiration! i used your planning as a jumping off point and came up with a costume based on the roman goddess diana:

jordan retro

So pants on one side, skirt on the other, half mustatche, half lipstick, you get the picture, talk about creating stares!!! Have fun!

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