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October 09, 2009



I love the hat! Very unique style, and so fitting for this time of year for me in the Midwest! Tonight it will be about 30 degrees!!!


I think she's really rather beautiful. There is some mystical quality about her - like she knows some secret...


0o0oo LOVE her!!! Mucho mucHo better =)


Thank you for sharing your beeeeautiful creations with us, they are gorgeous! I adore flowers, and women, and you make the best of both. You are very inspiring to me. I love your notecards below.....so gorgeous!

gina armfield

This is just lovely - so ethereal - I am so happy to see how well you are doing - every time I pass some of your work in a shop - I think hey I know that gal - Karma does ring true your heart shows in your work to be sure


she is really beautiful... i love second chance pieces that turn out so amazing


This is beautiful!!!



Girlfriend, this is a pièce de résistance! A raw sassy sophisticated carmel skinned lady that is all at once calm and cool, but so hot she melts the snowflakes before they can kiss the ground!


Beautiful! I so love your work.


She is gorgeous! I love the warm jewel tones here.


I love her! The colors are so warm and the textures are great! I've never thought of reinventing my old paintings. What a great idea!

jessica loughrey

beautiful! she makes me think of a fairy or something, the hat sort of reminds me on an acorn cap. and i love the colors, perfect for this time of the year.


She makes you want to know more about her..
love the colors too!


she is really beautiful


Your art amazes me - words cannot express!


She is so beautiful!!


Love this!

sales jobs

She is so beautiful. I love the way she's being painted because it seems so unique. er hat looks so good too.


Lisa is right; it looks like that hat is mystical. Anyway, I love the color of that hat especially those tropical lilies that you have mentioned. I just can imagine how stunning it is.

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