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September 22, 2009



WOW! I agree, you are from the wrong clan:) The crown of yellow flowers looks like something you would have created. Have fun with the empty canvas!


Oh my...I think you found your ancestors...or perhaps a past life. It's amazing what people can create with what they have...we have no excuses with all of our "stuff" to not be so. Thanks for sharing, fondly, Roberta

ps...I was born in Asmara, Ethiopia...but it's been 49 years...guess it's time I found my past life!


Amazing. How wonderful, I wish they could be left alone to their own happiness. How beautiful and precious to be one's creative self. I'm speechless I really thought the whole world was already spoiled.Thank you so much.

Amy P

I think I have to agree that I was born into the wrong culture! So beautiful and how fun! Since I'm addicted to tattoos, I'm imagining the fun I could have there :D


holy gorgeousness!!

riley  Ridd-Archibald

Anahata-- I can always count on visiting your blog and finding inspiration-- Was in the middle of trying to find inspiration for the florals for a gallery opening, started "wasting time" scrolling through my fave blogs online.. and bam! Thanks. Just bought the book.


Sooo inspiring!!!

House and Land Packages

I think those people have a rich and wonderful culture. They are lovely indeed.

God bless!


What incredible faces! The adornments are so bright and yet, seems to extend from their souls or spirits. I wonder how they choose their flora for decoration? Is it whatever is at hand and appeals to them? Or is it something more spiritual then that? In any case, I agree w/Roberta it is amazing what humans can actually do with simple, beautiful things at hand - we really don't need all the 'stuff'.

Victoria Hart

Wow! I love this, thanks for sharing! so gorgeous.


oh these most rare and stunning images have drawn me in I cannot take my eyes off of them
What an incredible creative blog you have!


we simply LOOOOOVE your work! very beutiful new home!

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Talk about fashion statements. Many of the tribes in Africa base the word "beautiful" by how large your piercing is, how long your neck have become, and many other weird things. This just show how rich their culture is and it's really amazing how they have preserved it for a very long period of time.

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Amazing. How wonderful, I wish they could be left alone to their own happiness.

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These people are truly amazing! I was inspired and I am doing my project 'Other Cultures' based on them for my GCSE exam, and I was just wandering if you could email me the picture of your large canvas you did based on them please? I really need some inspiration for my final piece :) thankyou- Lily

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