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August 13, 2009



Ok. First, hello!! Next, I just found your blog. I am a jewelry designer that has recently discovered the mixed media world, and someone brought up your name, and here I am, jaw dropping on the floor, amazed! You are incredible and inspiring, and I will be back!


AAAAAAAAAAAK, loving it!


There is a great interview of Yellena here on this blog. I love her colors. She says she has no plan when she sits down to draw. Great find!

nancy sanches


I am very inspired by your work.
Tried to order some via papya,
but the shippng is very costly.
So i cancelled my order.
Very sad.......
Greetings from the netherlands


Hi Nancy,
I'm sorry to hear about your order...
We don't mark up our shipping at all. And we offer USPS shipping for international orders. This is the lowest rate through the US post office. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. i wish there was a way that agreed with you more...we'd love for you to get yoru goodies...


Wow its beautiful, well done!


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