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August 06, 2009



incredible! that desk is amazing!!! i want to do a million things with that concept. where did she get the wood? great photos too. you have some seriously creative people over there :O)


I was thinking pink for my office space. I'm even more convinced now!

Mary Beth Shaw

oh my, absolutely gorgeous.


That's an office? Where someone works? What a dream! :-)

jenny sweeney

Ridiculous!!!! Love it!!!!


I Know! Crazy right! We've just gone from good- to spoiled at work. It's so great to see the design team getting due props for all their hard work!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that desk!!!! Please tell me where she got the wood.


Inspired surroundings! Proof that what we hold in our thoughts manifests in the physical! What gorgeous thoughts you've been thinking! ;0)


Pink is suppose to be calming. But this shade might make you want to disco. I love it...I'd say it is more like chewing bubble gum, doin the hula and singing in the rain. I want some!


That desk is absolutely amazing!

marisa bennett

Please tell me where I can get Spare Parts Volumes 2 and 3. I have looked all over the net today, and have come up blank!

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What a very lovely office. I love its design and color combination. Perfect!!!

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Wow! Her office is gorgeous. It is very feminine. Beautiful!


yummy yummy pinkness--makes we wish i could snatch a "grownup" space in our house to transform into pink giddyness!
also want to compliment you all on the immediate success you are having in my shop, which only opened a week ago! sold the last of the giclees and planners today--all in a week's time! working on a reorder already...yay!

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Where can I buy a bright pink office chair from?]
Im looking for a pink office chair / typist chair - there is no wher I can find that has them. Please help

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