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August 18, 2009



*sigh* After catching up on several of your last posts, I'm experiencing an art overload! Oh, I want to paint like Flora! Ooooh, I must try designing my own fonts like Grady, but then I want to take photos like Sabrina. I don't know if you have a magic spell over me, or what but I LOVE every artist you highlight on this blog. (right now I'm still captivated by Eduardo Recife) As an artist in search of inspiration, I'm always left with my cup running over after a peek at your blog.
Not sure whether to paint, draw or photograph, I usually just default to drawing my comic strip, an art form that has little to do with the joyful beauty that you celebrate here on your site.
Thanks just the same,


I saw this on the Papya Blog and it is still just as inspiring as the first time I read it.

Cassie Procopio

Beautiful photos! They all have a dreamy quality about them!

jennifer lorton

Those photos are beautiful and inspiring. This summer I've accomplished many big things with my art, but I've had very little time to just play and dream with my paintings. I hope to get back to that dreamy place soon. Thanks for the gentle nudge.

Sarah Bush

I want to live in that little shack/cabin on stilts in the woods!!


Ahhhhh . . . thank you, Anahata for this visual feast! All I can think about is art retreat . . . art retreat . . . I've never been to one but something tells me images like yours are glimpses of spaces within I could visit . . . Thank you!


I just love the photography in this blog. They are so beautiful and I agree about man and nature coming from the same place. A great feeling comes over me when I see these types of pictures. Thanks.


You just know that these scenes are accompanied by a soundtrack of cicadas lulling you to sleep in a warm breeze. Ahhh most dreamy and particularly inspirational. I too went to someplace magic this summer!

marisa bennett

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Marisa Bennett

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Wistful photos, what I love about these photos are it has a sense of serenity and peace, over man and nature.

Wellington Jobs

The artist has captured the true beauty of Mother Earth. These are Fascinating photos.


Good morning,

Fabulous photos!

~ Gabriela ~

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