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July 18, 2009



So funny, I took a picture of the same doors in Paris 2 years ago!



Such colors- those pictures are amazing!

Granted, I've only been to Paris once, for three days, but I loved the Latin Quarter. The people are very laid-back and pleasant, and you find so many small surprises around every turn (random gargoyles carved into doorways, hip little antique stores, food vendors feeding the birds).

The Notre Dame cathedral is definitely a must-see as well. I can't sufficiently describe the feeling you get when you walk inside- it's overwhelming.


SPeak FRench as MUch as YOu CAn!

L Asantewaa

this is so affirming! i'm moving to paris (my favorite city on the whole, entire planet) for a few months in janurary. i love it sooooooooo much! blessing and enjoy!



Hi,first time here for me. I get so much inspiration from you that I had to finally say 'hi" and let you know that it took me three trips to Paris before I finally went up the Eiffel tower!Don't leave it that long. All the "tourist" sites are that for a reason - NOT TO BE MISSED. It took me a long time to work that out.Enjoy Paris it is sensory overload!

Tracie Hanson

Paris' sites really are NOT to be missed....it's the most beautiful city in the world...especially at night!

My tip....nearly everything you want to see is located on or near the water....take water taxis to get around...for about $20 you can get an all day pass and get on and off all day long. Take your own bottle of wine, a corkscrew, a couple of plastic wine glasses, a loaf of bread and cheese...get off the boat and have a picnic on the bank. Don't miss the "Latin Quarter" they dance on the banks all night!


have a wonderfully delicious time! i love all the color and the bohemian whimsy you've captured here. just what i'd expect paris to be *swoon*

danielle korneliussen

AHHHH PARIS! If your into fashion you must go to Antoinne et Lili. Check out their cute web-site, but remember that the shop is waaaay more impressive in real life. They have a couple locations but the one I`m used to is in the latin quarter. Also be prepared for an entirely different sizing system in Paris. In the USA, I`m a size 8-10, but at Antoine et Lili i wear the largest size that they offer. Don`t let it bug you, the clothes are very colorful and quite quirky in the best of ways. Have fun.

nikki Hardin

I've never been either and I think it's time, but you're right, it's kind if daunting.

celine navarro

I'll be at Maison & Objet show in January before flying to CHA in California and I hope to see you there :)
If you ever need a guide in Paris or wanna come over to the South of France, you are more than welcome! :)

Audrey Freedman

One thing is, Parisians are NOT American-they hate people (Americans) who speak too loudly and do not respect the small polite gestures of life-be sure to greet employees on entering shops, food places, etc and also say goodbye..also NO TENNIS SHOES! good luck!

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