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July 23, 2009


Laura K

Congratulations on the new space! It's lovely...


wow! everything looks so great! congrats :O)


I love those chairs!! Especially the one in the first photo of your mom's room. Do you happen to know where they are from?!


Your new space is so inspiring! Congratulations!


That is amazing! Congrats:)

stephanie alaine

GORGEOUS! i love it. you all have creative minds and heart flowing, and it is so refreshing. {esp compared to my cubicle. so sad}

marie danti

I was in Durango this week in a wonderful shop: "there's no place like home" or something like that! Someone mentioned "Papaya" I I said Anahata Katkin & everyone in the store had a great conversation about how much we love your work. I bought the tin with postcards & love it. It is so cool that your success has touched so many of us out here in blogland!


Your energy and creativity are such an inspiration to me - Thank you !


Her photos look fantastic... fun post!

We need to re-shoot the ones of my hot pink room... the candid ones she shot were payback for making her model. ;)


congratulations! It looks amazing!


WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!

Tricia Samsal

Chandeliers in a warehouse! Perfect! I'm sure you are the first-way too cool! Your Mom is a visionary.
Hugs, Tricia

Janel Scott

absolutely fantastic! this is so dreamy and inspiring! great job you guys! would love to be apart of this dream :)

Teresa McFayden

Oh how exciting!!! Look at that warehouse! Fabulous.

Binky Bergsman



Fantastic and inspirational. How wonderful to see dreams come true (and more than that, I'm sure!) Anna in Australia


beautiful!!! congrats!

i'm curious what you mean by "ghetto" performances? maybe not the best choice of words?


Oh my gosh, that has got to be the most stylin' warehouse around! Chandeliers! Your mom's got style. Actually, I really like the chair with the green paisley print she has in her office. And the curtains in your office are beautiful, too. You have a great eye! Congrats on the new space!


By ghetto performances I mean that that's our slum deck- it's the unfinished area of the warehouse and we are all sub par performers. It's literally a stage type platform. So some silly business is in tall order there. And knowing us it won't be polished.
Ghetto means ghetto. There's no other suggestion here.

Marie Cassidy



Hire me, please! I will do anything! ;) :) FABU!

happy zombie

Came here via the new diggs eye candy crack Kathleen feed me. Your new HQ is simply amazing! I still you should annex to Astoria, though. :-)

sheila sabatino

i would love to hang from your chandeliers !!! you all deserve it--congratulations---sam

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