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July 28, 2009


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Now that’s nice! I like to rearrange stuff in my storage room because I tend to find those forgotten memorable stuff such as pictures, travel souvenirs and giveaways. You know finding old memorable stuff brings back those wonderful memories.

manila Property

We can always find interesting stuff in our yard storage. Ops! Maybe I should check out mine too. Thanks for the reminder.


I am sorry to hear about your loss. My mother died a few years ago and it made me realize the importance of wearing those favorite shoes, burning the special candles and using the nice china for everyday! Life is to short to save things for another day...jump at opportunity and enjoy every detail of life! And most of all, be inspired by those who have left us this reminder.


I am so, so sorry for your loss. This was a great post...sometimes we all need to be reminded to LIVE every day to the fullest! Thanks...


It's funny...the bucket of journals makes me drool...but so does your store...I don't know what it is about blank journals...but I'm such a horder. Never have enough...like shoes...lol I also never through out old address books or calendars because I like to look back at the little "tid-bits" of my life written in these day-books (journals) and appreciate it all. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all. Fondly, Roberta

corinne delis

I was looking through a new issue of Happiness here in the netherlands and I recognized your work right away! wonderful interview!



Aw, I totally feel you. And I am totally going to be brave and not turn down the radio when I stop at a light. Thank you.


oh i love that last line! thank you so much for this post!!!


You so need a house. A nice big house with lots of spare rooms and an attic.

Lucinda Keller

So moved... thank you.


that's right, girl. you GO! you wear those heels and blast those tunes! i'm sorry for your loss...but sometimes the light shed from loss is the best. i heart you! xoxoo


Thanks you guys! I love these comments.


Sweet Anahata!
Sorry to hear about your friend. Boxes of memories can be wonderful and bittersweet. Life. *sigh*
thinking of you!

Kathie Gillaspey

Ana, so sorry about your friend and life IS too short! Kiss Rowan, E and your Mom for us!!

I'm so proud of your success and love your spirit!!

Love and Misses,
Kathie and Nick


you gave me goosebumps. i'm so sorry for your loss. life is too short to wear heels if you don't want to or to not wear them if you do!


Thank you for the lovely reminder, Anahata. Sometimes we get so busy, (or was that manic?!) in our everyday lives that we foget to acknowledge the small delights. I must find a fabulous pair of shoes just to wear while creating something delicious.

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