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September 04, 2008



Bon Voyage! Sorry our paths never crossed here in this sweet little town...I look forward to studying with you one day, until then, thanks for the inspiration via your magnificent artistry and blog. we'll keep you posted on life here in So.O...

Suz Ceciliani

Dearest Anahata,
Bless you on your journey! I am such a fan of your incredible work and can't wait to meet you one day. Your heart knows the way! Ciao!

Liberty Post Editor

Hello from Canada. You have a wonderous life. You have created a dream and you are standing in your own truth. Oh, how I wish I could visit you in the sun to learn from you.


Greetings from Kansas, You have a safe and wonderful trip. I look forward to learning more about Baliz through you and your wonderful art. This piece of Art is so lovely and inspirational.
Blessings, Tess


Have a super spectacular time my dear!!! Hope to see you in San Diego! xxxooo Jen


Have a super spectacular time my dear!!! Hope to see you in San Diego! xxxooo Jen


I have just discovered your blog and am totally in awe at your creations, the retreats sound fantastic but I live so far away and can only hope some day I get to take a class with somemone half as talented as yourself. There are no such workshops in my area.
I will visit again.

Belize sounds heavenly - Enjoy!

Jane B.

You are living the dream, my friend!I truly admire how you are living your life and being true to your dream. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful work that is sure to come from your new island home. Hopefully one day I'll be able to study with you, but in the meantime, thank you for sharing your art on the blog. Best wishes! Jane




I love this piece!!


you are already there by the time you'll get this, but have a splendiferous time! can't wait to see what you create in that eden!

Ann K.

Have a wonderful time! I look forward to seeing your Belize-inspired art. Just a little nudge: I hope you'll arrange to vote in the Presidential election via absentee ballot. Whatever your party affiliation, it's an important election!!


Dear Anahata,

It worked last time so I will try it again. Did you receive my last e-mail. We had a some problems with our mail. Unfortunately I haven’t received the information to retrieve the images. Maybe it got lost in the world wide web. Could send me the information. So I can still get it the magazine. I’ve also send you some questions from our journalist who is writing the story. Did you get that? I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,
Djoeke Kroonbergs - Happinez


I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog, I love it, very inspiring!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

A journey of a thousand miles... Wear your sunscreen! And may it be succulent.


I love her face and hair! This whole piece speaks to me. Have a wonderful journey and come back soon and artfully challenged!


bonjour anahata !
je viens régulièrement visiter votre blog et j'adore toutes vos créations !
merci d'enchanter nos yeux de si belle manière
merci de m'inspirer aussi...


I'm on pins and needles waiting for word from Belize, what is the deal with the boyscout shack?! I was wishing you and your mom were with us in Paris, we had such an amazing trip.

I've been thinking about you, and hoping your getting settled over there. I was disappointed to see your roll of canvas still at work... it wants to be painted on. (It told me!)

Write soon. :)


Anahata, I LOVE this piece. Sounds like your life is full and fun (and busy)! All the best to you!


Lisa Kettell

Just came across your blog, its wonderful! Beautiful works everywhere!

Magic and Joy!


Your workshop opened new and exicting doors in my life! You are amazing. Please give me a holler if you ever come this way again. I'd love to hang out.

Jenny Schomaker

I love this!!!! we are doing a large community event for girls and women and would love to use this image- would you be interested in sponsoring our event with a picture- or allowing us to use it on our marketing material? www.projectpink411.blogspot.com
or you can view my photography site as well www.Jschomaker.com
You are wonderful!!!

Thank you,
Jenny Schomaker

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