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September 28, 2008



This is such a wonderful painting. As I scrolled down to see each element I kept gasping.


Your creativity certainly isn't constrained by your situation.


Love, love, love this painting Ana. The cherry blossoms are so sweet. I went to Dick Blick and bought 20 canvases (not to brag) which I can't wait to get to. Em might come over a take a few as well. Keep in touch.

riley  Ridd-Archibald

Ana-- Wow! I hadn't looked on your blog for awhile and came back to find that you headed to Belize! That's so amazing! Please tell Marriette hello and thanks again... and I'll try not to send too much jealous energy your way! (: You're looking pretty refreshed in those island pics. I'm impressed that you made the move-- congratulations!!!
---Riley, from "Not-Pauls" workshop in Ashland


What a beautiful painting and your whole blog is wonderful! I am so glad I stopped by... your work and your story are so intriguing. Thank you for sharing... Roxanne


Ohhhhh.....I just want to reach out and pick one of those lovely cherry blossom buds! What a simply marvelous piece!

I have been producing a lot of my own art collages since last week's workshop in San Diego fueled with by an innate need to create; your divine sense of style and unique ease of juxtaposing the simplest of materials to create whimsical awe-inspiring art is keeping me going as I lay my hands on each new piece. What can I say, but *THANK YOU*THANK YOU*THANK YOU!!! In fact, I just picked up a new roll of graphite paper and some more gold leaf for my planned Holiday Mandalas....

BTW: I plugged in R/T fares to Belize just out of curiosity!!!! I would love to coordinate meeting up with you on the island and sharing a glass of rum...or two..Oh what the hay THREE!!!
*cheers* Lisa

Carrie West

How incredible!!!

Such sweet talent!~


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You are the one who taught me to turn to painting, and to the freedom of the canvas, the paper, the supplies, and just getting something, anything down! It has served me well. And keeps me in the creative mindset, which is sometimes hard to do with you know, life and all! Have a drink on the beach for me, would ya'??

Nao Sims

Beautiful~ wow, such a wonderful place you have created.

I will be visiting again for sure.


Her eyes are just so wonderful!

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