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March 19, 2008


jessi nagy

wow this looks like a great weekend!
i love pam, she has been my teacher at silver bella a few times and she is always the best. i wish you would teach at silver bella!!
that would be awesome!

Natelier Gypsie Vintage

Oh, I like your "world",yours colors is really fantastics!


AAA! Evertithig looks so good!!!! And I want to cry because it just impossible for me to be there:(((

m i c h e l l e

I am so thrilled about this retreat!!! I missed ArtNest but I'm not missing this...I just registered!!! EEeeeeee!

I attended your retreat last summer and it was MARVELOUS! CanNOT wait!!! :-)


I am soooo there!!! I just registered and cannot wait:) I registered online and was charged shipping. Is that correct? Not sure if anything is actually being sent out.
Counting the days....


anahata Katkin

The shipping will not actually be charged to yoru card. Sorry for the funny invoice. It will indeed be deducted from the total cost. Thanks so much for coming! It's going to be awesome!


Wow, I am so disappointed to not make this retreat. Everyone that is going, I know, will enjoy it tremendously. Last summer in August, I was at the icon class and learned so much. Any chance you can change the date? I'll be thinking of everyone that weekend and missing the adventure. Me? The big family reunion that can't be missed. Linda

Jennifer Perkins

Oh how I wish I could go the flyer and pictures alone are making me drool.


WAAAAAAAH!!!! i can't believe i missed this! i've wanted to attend your workshops in Ashland for the last 2 years. i'm beginning to think it just isn't meant to be. unfortunately, i've been crazy sick for weeks, too sick to even come upstairs to my computer(a good argument for a laptop, eh?). needless to say i haven't been to your blog and i sadly missed the art in ashland announcement. now it's full and i'm so bummed! oh well, such is life, they say. i'm sure it will be a tremendous time for you all. i'll just cross my fingers for next year.

sniff sniff,

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