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February 08, 2008


Julie Prichard

Hey- I"ve got Chinese contacts :) Email me a picture of the signature and I'd be happy to send it off for you!

Renee Troy

First, may I wish you a happy birthday and say that you don't know what feeling "over the hill" is like until you reach my age. I'll be 62 on the 26th and can hardly believe it from the inside.

Anyway, the picture is grand and reminds me of one of my favorite friend/artist's work, Patricia Anders, who does similar paintings. Perhaps, if you're so inclined, you could see her work at www.artpropensity.com. I have several of her works as she is multi media and everything she does I love.
Also, I'm a fan of your work and have one of your books.
I'm new to blogging but have been around forever as a professional calligrapher, multi media artist, altered everything and art dolls.
I'll peek in again...bye for now.
Renee Troy


She's amazing and I just can't get over how much I love her shoes. I know it's not the point, but I really can't help myself. :)


That's beautiful! I don't know about the book, but there's an American book called "why men marry bitches" by Shelly Argov. About Chinese artists, you could look at these contemporary artists, many are very good, andmaybe she's even one of them...http://www.chinesecontemporary.com/artists.htm


I love her !


my best friend is chinese- email me his signature scan or photo and i'll have her figure it out!!!


O my! She is very lovely.


I happen to think she's fabulous, although a bit scandalous for Morocco.
(and happy belated birthday too)

Paris Gerrard

Hi Anahata,

I sent you an email about the artist. His name is Liu Ye, for all of you interested blog readers. I think that painting is fantastic.



I think the artist is Liu Ye
Place this in your browser :
it looks like his work .
if it isn't, it's somebody whose work is nigh-on identical !

tiffini elektra x

Stunning - what an amazing find! I adore her! Dang what great taste you have!


Hi Anahata,
Definitely Liu Ye. I saw his book at Giant Robot in L.A. today and your painting was in it. Amazon also has his book, too, FYI.


how intriguing!


I am so glad someone solved the mystery, I was obsessively combing the internet. The Liu Ye suggestion is spot on, check out Madame L, she's got the same shoes and eyebrows: http://www.speronewestwater.com/cgi-bin/iowa/works/record.html?record=2304&large=1
Great find, Anahata!

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