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May 29, 2007



Oh God, the head cheese thing is nasty...just the thought of rats or any animal nibbling on one's head
Cool art as usual!!!!

wish studio

i was obsessed with this movie loving every yummy frame! love your creation...can i possibly buy a copy of this zine?

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Totally totally stunning!!!!!
I LOVE this


your pages are lovely, pleeeease print copiers for your admirers to buy!

Ro Bruhn

What fabulous art, thanks for sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest


fantastic, marie is a current obsession of mine, these are wonderful.


So beautifully luscious! I'd give a lot to get my hands on that zine! You know, being French, I wish we had studied such a fun and beautiful Marie Antoinette at school! The new "image" is quite a revolution :-)


What beautiful softness to these works. How do we get the zine??? Blessings, Rebecca


The vampire is my favorite.


How do we get the zine?
Please make it availalbe!!!


What great fun! I love your ability to mix both classic and contemporary into your own unique style, which is completely delicious. As always, you are an inspiration. :D


Oh no! i would love to see this beautiful zine as Marie has been the subject of my last few paintings too!

I hope we get to see more! Hugs!!

gina armfield

Oh so lovely! would love to see every nook and cranny!


I too would love to look more. your artwork is inspirational!!!


wow, i'm inspired! would you be interested in a book collaboration?

Helle Greer

Would sooo love to get my hands on this beautiful zine, any chance it will be availalbe?
Can't wait to see the rest.


This is amazing. I hope you submit a copy to Stampington. I can't believe how creative you all are!

Monica Andrade

Oh what a visual delight!! Gorgeous project!


PLEASE, don't be cruel! PLEASE, offer the zine for us to purchase! Pretty please with sugar on top?! Thank you. Smile.

Shannon LeVart

I add my shameless begging to the rest!
Please, please, please please with a super high ultra beehive on top!

I must hold a copy in my hands!

dede warren

so many of us are clearly impressed with this little treasure, why not print more and sell them? I predict they would be gone in a flash!


Love love love it. I agree, sell sell, I will be the first in line to sell in my boutique!!!!!

Karla Smith

Wow, incrediable, indeed!. Would love to have a copy.


Beautiful! Found you through Paris Apartment!


i love this!
marie's story has always intrigued me.

is there any way we can see more of these.
super cool!


This is so beautiful!
Where can I get this? I'm obsessed with anything Marie-related!

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