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May 31, 2007



· { Hi, I would love to buy one of the grab bags ... but how do I do, can I use paypal, because its not working when I try to click on your link, please let me now what to do asap .... looking forward to hear from you soon .... peace sabine } ·

Alexandra Naeve

Aww, man! I just ordered one of the Spare Parts books, don't have much wiggle room in the budget right now! I just want to say that, as a young journal artist, I really, really admire you and what you're doing with your art and your creative process. I found your blog about a month and a half (ish?) ago, and was THRILLED to see your art on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors. I too am very inspired by Sabrina Ward Harrison's work, and I agree with you that journal artists are somehow meant to find each other! :) Thanks for being an inspiration.



Bad news, good news. Good: So glad i checked in and read the warning about no more cut books..i quickly ordered a few and am so excited to get them in the mail! But bad news...no MORE cut books... :-( I'll look forward to what new ventures and directions your art will take.


Oh no. This is sad new indeed! I am off to consult my pocketbook!!

Hugs and Hugs!


Happy Happy DAy! Came home to a UPS postit on my front door. An attempt to deliver a package from PaPaYa!...redelivery Friday. No flippin' way am i not getting that order in my hands TODAY!!! CAll to UPs...call back from UPS..drive to UPS for pickup...3 Spare Parts and Bird Brain with me right now!!! Yipee!!! Plus,,the Letter cards tied with seam binding..very cute. Oh wait a darn second...those initial cards are MY very own initials!!! Now i'm just blown away. Thank You! My weekend is planned...arty projects with the help and inspiration from YOUR art. Everyone MUST run and purchase these Spare Parts books while you can...you will FREAK out on how great they are. Yea,,,i get excited about things..can't help it :-)

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