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May 09, 2007


liz elayne

the house is adorable! big, gorgeous lavender....yes!
love this list! i can so relate to the clothes thing. i have a suitcase that i packed for artfest, then took to portland two weeks later, then took to chicago two weeks ago. i have washed the clothes and worn them...but a lot of that suitcase just stayed packed. (it is still full of stuff i must admit...with no trip in site...)


Just to make you feel better, I am the same way about clothes (ask my Mom who was here this week and just shook her head at me)...and the water thing-I also will hear the phone ringing. Makes my husband crazy when I asked him "Did the phone just ring" seventeen times a day LOL.
Wow that house is soooo cute!!!
Love the random shots too-quite cool!!!

patty van dorin

I can already "see" a mural painted on the block wall on the bottom right of the house by the steps.


This is great. It DOES make me feel better to know some of you are the same. I do believe creative thinking can handicap other parts of your brain!


true true patty! I am planning a wild tile mosaic there!


your house is amazing.


Congrats on the house.
Having a home feels good.


Anahata, your house is lovely... have been enjoying your blog & your site! Love the mandalas... just might have to try my hand at one myself... :)


shelley davis

I loved the 7 things about you. I always have a mountain of clean clothes...so you are not alone. I love your art! You are one talented person. The house is gorgeous!

shelley davis

I loved the 7 things about you. I always have a mountain of clean clothes...so you are not alone. I love your art! You are one talented person. The house is gorgeous!


#4 is too funny. i have a similar thing!
YAY for you! Your house looks simply wonderful. congrats! :)


your new house is lovely!!


yah whats up with the mysterious weird syrup in car cup holders? Is it a from a spill or do the car wash dudes do it in some secret conspiracy to record our thoughts... the mysterious mind recording goo found in peoples cup holders in their vehicles.


congrats on the house! I love it, especially that solar and radiant flooring aspect. Can't wait to see picts of the inside!

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Uh...that was supposed to be a butterfly...guess it just doesn't translate well in blog comments. Sorry.


Thank you for sharing such personal things... I admire you so much for that! It's nice to know that WE ALL have our quirks. I love that. And your house is fab! Just love it!


Best wishes on the new home!! It is beautiful!



Oh and I am sorry about the night terrors and I LOVE that doll head!

laura dodson

gracious me, that HOUSE. how CUTE is that?!


Your house is adorable - congratulations


What makes you think I read your blog?? Now I've got your brother cornered to find out all the "details". My lips are sealed!!


I don't know where to start. First, I am SURE the phone is ringing EVERY time I'm in the shower. Sometimes I even get out to check. Two: I just returned from my favorite dimly lit grocery store, and am blog-surfing whilst eating my $12 salad bar salad, which fits into my small pasta bowl. Three: flan is my best friend. And finally, diggin' the new house BIG country time! Thanks, this was a fun post to read!! Cheers...


We need to meet. Numbers 2, 3, 4 describe me.



I love the mandela, and the blobby shapes too. You are not helping with me trying to accept that I may not be able to get to Artfest again, LOL! Couldn't resist the 7 little known things - love your answers! Put mine on my blog when I should have been working or sleeping. You are a good and bad influence in equal measure. Mainly good though...


There is a big chair in our bedroom that is always covered in a pile of clean laundry. Funny, funny...

Your new home is absolutely wonderful, I love the rounded windows and domed roof! I can't wait until you show us what's inside! :)

Alexandra Naeve

I hate, hate HATE putting away clothes!! That's so funny, I agree, it does have to be some sort of disorder. I don't even mind folding!

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