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March 02, 2007



Lobbing you good healing energy!
Rest up and feel better quick!


Feel better, Ana.

Please let us know if you decide you aren't ever going to eat certain kinds of food or don't want to see Nara again!

E say's HI

Love, Me


Feel better fast! :)


Here is the story I said I had for you. Even though you probably have no clue who I am, but, I am a girl you filled with inspiration and kindness my first day ever in this world. (computer blogging, etc.)

Story: A few mornings ago, I took a card my momm sent me and went to sit on the front porch steps to admire it. It was this most gorgeous card, just like my momm to give it to me...She got it in a charming delectable shop in a little artsy village called Tubac, Arizona. The card was purple and violet with light green foliage. It had a ring in the middle with glitter and it said, "Imagination is the eye of the soul."(Joseph Joubert) The inside of the card says, "You beautiful creative soul, this card says it all and made me think of you, simply awesome, Momm-bee." I carried it with me all day. Then later, I sat on the same steps to admire it again, and flipped it over... Only to reveal PaPaYa! What!!!??? I was more than touched, delighted, excited and fulfilled!!! Isn't that wonderful? This card is stunning! So, thank you, for creating such an amazing card for my momm to give to me.... xxo, Vanessa


Aww! Feel better, hun!


Hi! I just recently discovered your amazing art through Rag and Bone's blog, and have added your RSS feed to my personal blog on LiveJournal. I'm sorry to find that you're down with the flu, and I hope you get well soon—I'm looking forward to more of your work and thoughts. :)

I hope you don't mind my bombarding you with some questions, but I was wondering about specific areas of your creative process: the how-to's. For example, do you illustrate those gorgeous costumed ladies (like the one on the banner on your anahataart.com site) you use on some of your collages, or are they from a book of illustrations? I understand you make stamps so I figured you illustrated them yourself, but I thought I'd ask anyway. :) I'm really curious to know more about those illustrations/images, because I'd like to try those techniques myself on my own work. Thanks for your time and again, get well soon!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Hope you feel better soon!!

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