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December 26, 2006



I *LOVE* that painting. *LOVE* it.
Great loot for Christmas:
Scored big time from my sister with Blaine Fontana's book (Thanks for reminding us about it)
From the husband-Joe Sorren's second book. I *LOVE* Joe Sorren's work
Also some great zines from PEEL magazine's website
...also got to CREATE so I am a happy gal ;)
What goodies did you get??
Inquiring minds want to know!!


Um, I think Clive Owen is actually my mother's boyfriend. At least, so she says. Ha ha! I really want to see that movie, though. Salon called it something like the darkest movie you will ever want to see twice. Sounds good to me! Anyway, love that painting, Anahata. It's luscious. And happy holidays!!


Here I was thinking that Clive was MY boyfriend! Darn. Guess we should tell him that Kelly's Mom has dibs.

My boy ('Tis Himself, Mr. Joshie Pants), is spending this week with his Dad too! A whole week of doing "boy" things (which probably won't involve regular washing or brushing of teeth)...and having a big time!

I can smell it now.....


such lovely artwork!
happy holidays!!


Don't tell me Clive Owen has been two-timing me!!! Honestly, I got here first, and many many years ago, when people didn't know his name. Ah well, thank Goddess I still have Naveen Andrews :-)

I love this new piece of yours. Beautiful. Inviting.

Linda Harre

Wonderful piece! It looks great on your blog right next to your photo!! Glad to hear that you had some studio time:) Happy New Year!!! Hope yours is full of love, joy, friends and paint:)


oooooh, that painting is superb. I love it. when are you going to have a gallery show???


This is absolutely amazing!! I just love it!!


Wow, that is amazingly beautiful!!! I really, really love it!
I totally understand about the mini vacation when the kids go see dad! Enjoy your time!


Gorgeous work as usual. What a beauty! I'm laughing over all the Clive comments. Very funny.


Gorgeous, gorgeous work!! Sounds like you've been having a grand time:)


this is a magnificent piece. Love your journals as well. beautiful work and color!


Actually, Clive is my boyfriend! I love the work you are creating!
Maija(from Phoenix)


Love the finished painting. Fabrizio Moretti is my "boyfriend"!


It's so gorgeous.

I love your paintings... your canvas is singing to me!


Beautiful painting... love the round "vignettes" - gorgeous composition

Ursula Clamer

WOW!! I think that this is an absolutely stunning piece of work. I was having a quick scroll thru your posts when it caught my eye. I can't seem to get it out of my head, I've just kept coming back to it...there is just something about it. Thank you for sharing. Ursulax

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