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December 04, 2006


tiffini elektra x

Stunning inspiration! Those red branches alone. . .yowzer! Thank you for sharing the trip!


Thanks for the grand tour. Fun, funky, inspiring stuff. WOW!!!


i've only been once, but it is something you never forget! like dream walking. her sister owns addison endpapers which is also magical in berkeley. there you will also find a cool shop tail of the yak and castle in the clouds shop and craft class center (where ulla teaches.) the addison sisters are very special, thanks for sharing!


Yep .I loved that post of Pams too. Thanks for sharing more inspiring pix.

Rhonda S

Hi again,
I would love to see WEndy's shop.
I have to agree with your love of Lucca. I found it by chance in Ballard and was enchanted.
I will say hello to the space as I am visting the store this Sat. There is also a shop called souvenir that is across the street and heard it has a wonderful ambience.


I have seen her shop in the book "Where Women Create". She is absolutely inspiring. Thanks for the pics!


Great pics! thanks for sharing...Ive read about Wendy in some mags - her stuff is amazing!

jenny holiday

ohhh What a day!!! You lucky lucky ducks!

I have been a HUGE Wendy Addison fan for so so long...I cannot even fathom stepping through those magical doors!!

I had to laugh when you compared yourself to an iguana! LOL...yes...what a perfect perfect visual! (My little brother has iguanas!) How long were you there? I would need at least 2 hours!!

Just amazing amazing amazing!!!
Thank you for the fabulous photos!

Ohh and Tail of the Yak!!...I have clippings from Victoria magazine from sooooo long ago featuring the fabulous shop!! So cool!! So lucky!

Thank you for sharing your fabulous day!! Perfect!!

XOXO Jenny


oh my goodness~ what a store! What a shopping rush that would be! will have to venture there in the near future, thanx 4 sharing!

your art is delicious as ever~


How lucky are you!!??!! Such fabulous places you have been visiting.


I love Lucca in Ballard ;)

Ann Christine Dennison

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures ... it's great inspiration and I will probalby never get to see it otherwise since I live in little Denmark :-)

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Stunning inspiration! Those red branches alone! Thank you for sharing the trip!

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Which turned out to be a good name since Wendys store is located out a twisted road in the middle of some vacant hills.

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The town is adorable and it's hard to imagine it all being left behind. It's a bit of a ghost town that is now partially restored but in a good rootsy sort of way.

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Just amazing amazing amazing!!!
Thank you for the fabulous photos!

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