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November 01, 2006



You look *fantastic*!! Sounds like so much fun. I know exactly what you mean about all the prep being the best part. For me it's getting all the deccorations up and setting the mood for our Halloween party. The actual party is kinda anti-climactic. Oh well. :)


OMG! Thought I was the only one! Totally relating on how much more fun it was to set the scene for playing with Barbies than the actual playing with Barbies was! On her own, Barbie was actually kind of boring...it was the Accessories like Dream House, Dream Car, Clothes, Shoes and even Ken (who I'm betting was gay) that made playing Barbies fun!


How cute you are! And how cute is your apartment?!? I've been peeking in now and then but haven't had much time to comment, but the place looks wonderfully nurturing -- that balcony is fabulous! By the way, I just bought one of your "Grace" prints for my neice's 2nd birthday. Her name is Grace and her room is all pink. I think her mama will love it. (We got her a stuffed giraffe, too, as she probably is too young to appreciate art!) Also, I'm going to be in Ashland Nov 18 and would love to see you!


Gorgeous costume :)

I absolutely agree with you about the New Years Eve expectation thing - I just thought I was the only one that felt that way. It's so incredibly hyped that if you have anything less than the best time of your life you end up feeling dissapointed.

Well, not any more - I have embraced the fact that it will always probably be a little bit boring, and while I don't advocate the lowering of expectations in most cases, being more relaxed about having fun in this circumstances really does seem to work! :D

Jenny holiday

Hi there!! My name is Jenny....and I have been lurking for far too long!! Just had to tell you how incredibly fabulous you and your blog, and world are!! The daily eye candy is almost overwhelming!!

Such inspiration and fun!

...ohh..and how absolutely dolly are you in this pic?!! Love it!!

Thank you so much for all of the hard work and all that you share!! Cannot wait to own some of your world!!

Best Wishes!
Happy Creating!
Hapy Blogging!
xoxo Jenny ..a big fan!

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