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October 16, 2006



I'm loving the yellow, beautiful design!

Linda Harre

I love the way your mind works. I look at your pieces and can't imagine them coming out of me:-D
Love this design........Linda


There's something about that yellow that I just love!

Elisabeth C

Loving it with the yellow.


Another vote for yellow. It makes the bird image glow.


Loving the yellow!


I love them both, but I'm much more in a "yellow" mood, it being autumn, and all. And i think the aqua is used ALL THE TIME. Because it's beautiful, but anyway...I vote "yellow"

Keep up the good blogging!




The one that grabbed my eye first!
Maybe because it feels more each day like fall ...
I dunno ... but ...

I vote yellow.
=^..^= zU

Romy Tam

I'm going to have to disagree, I love the aqua!


well.....personally I like the yellow one best. The aqua one is nice too, but I think the color is a little to bright and it overwhelms the image of the bird (I really like birds!) and doesn't seem to make the white doodles at the bottom "drip" like the top one does....you know, it FLOWS better. Hope that makes sense!! lol Anyways, strong vote for the yellow. BTW, it's beautiful!



Although I like the aqua very much.


they are both great - why can't you do both? but if I had to choose I'll go with everyone else and say yellow, it's a little more coherant somehow.


Although I'm a "blue" gal, the yellow background works best IMO. Well done!

liz smith

yellow!! they are both beautiful--but i LOVE the yellow with the aqua circles--remind me of birds eggs
liz xx


Why would you make us choose? they're both so beautiful! But if I must, I'd choose the yellow. :)


I also love them both but I think the yellow is more mellow and the blue kind of fight for attention.


I like the contrast the aqua presents. :)

I do love your designs. I'm an art journalist as well, and was excited to see your cards and journals when we unpacked new prodcuts at work last week. :) Every time I pass them, I feel inspired.


Aqua. It's warmer.

Lisa Cohen

I love the AQUA!!! Definitely.


well, I will go against the tide, and say Aqua... I love the contrast of the blue in the aqua and the red in the band that goes under the birds. I think I also like the white centers of the circles in the design that sits on top of the aqua, something about the open ness.

Do you ever release a design in several different colour palettes?

Brenda McGowan

I vote for yellow!


I'll throw a wrench in the mix here--what about the top from the aqua and the bottom from the yellow?


I LOVE the yellow, it has a beautiful vintage feel to it, whereas the aqua looks modern. Both are just lovely!

Sally L Guenther

I am attracted to the yellow one, it feels softer and the circles of pale aqua ...oh yes! How beautiful..
You are a kindred spirit...thanks, Sal

Account Deleted

Another vote for the yellow. But the basis of the design itself is absolutely delightful. Love the birds and the raindrop pattern below. So pretty.


yellow, for sure!!!!!!! Love it!


Oh no! Hardest decision ever! Both!

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