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October 19, 2006



Right hand sidebar is missing when I view it on my pc (internet explorer).

I didn't even notice until you mentioned it because I was too enthralled with the pictures of your new place. I LOVE looking at other people's homes. Thank you for sharing. It looks like you have settled in nicely.

Love the porch.


Love the photos! Thanks for sharing!!

No, I cannot see the right-hand sidebar. I don't think it would be a Mac or PC issue. I think it's something in your HTML. You might want to e-mail Typepad for help...



Thank you for sharing, Anahata. It is indeed a bright and cheerful place. I'd live on that porch, and I'm drooling over the couch and ottoman! I so enjoyed your workshop in Tempe (I was in Sunday's group, the one who'd never worked with paper before), and I stopped by the Paper Studio today and indulged myself with another of your grab bags--talk about cheerful and happy! Enjoy your new digs! By the way, on my PC with I.E., the "missing" banner is all the way down at the bottom of the page.


What a wonderful home, truly inspirational!


You are not only a master painter but now it seems a master interior decorator too! wow! I love & love & love your new place and what you have done with it. I never would have thought a cowprint ottoman would look so fantastic. your sense of style and design are simply amazing.


Love the porch! Your home is beautiful and so cozy and so fabulously retro/funky/hip-- you could add interior decorator to your overly full business card-- damn woman!

oh and the right side bar is back.


jealous! totally jealous! your new space is beautiful and inspiring and i totally love that huge mirror you have in your living room!! and that balcony - so worth any quirk the place might have (save bugs or rodents or crappy plumbing).

i know you'll have fun in your new home. thank you for sharing it with us!


I can imagine having a tea or any other drink and chat four hours on that balcony. Your place is great. Enjoy !


Oooh! I am loving your new place. It looks fun and cozy. You'll be very happy there...P.S. the porch is really great!


Lovely new apartment... love the cowhide ottoman..!!

no right sidebar tho.. and I have a mac


What a great space, it's perfect!


I love what you had done with your new place! It looks so cozy and inviting and full of personality. Thanks for the peek!

Tiffini Elektra X

Your new place is so peaceful and stunning. I think you have a perfect mix of Wonderland and Ikea.
Pro-runway. .so funny. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sqA--t9XZY

jennifer kiraly in AZ

you rock! your place is so unique and looks like a really peaceful and FUN oasis. is this in los angeles or?? the porch is fab and your new cowhide ottoman is a riot. YOU GO GIRL!
Fellow artist,
jen in AZ


Nice apartment - you need to "show" this at apartmenttherapy.com! :)

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