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October 18, 2006


Judy Wise

Thanks for this, Ananhata. And amen!


what a great add! it really reinforces how fake so many things have become. the notion of "seeing is believing" is called into question, as now things get so "touched up" that we can't always believe what we see.

thanks for the link to Jurlique, too. i think i might have to check that out!


Anahata! Hey! I love this post. I took your Sunday class at Paper Studio a few weeks ago. It's funny that you post this because here is my internal dialogue that day....

Walk in to meet you:
OMG...she's so durn cute - I love her style of clothing. I love her hair. She's so beautiful! She just radiates an amazing spirit. Hey, my body looks like hers. Can I look that cute in that skirt? Well, her hips look smaller than mine. But my body is comparable to hers....I bet I could pull off a shirt like that. Maybe I should go shopping. Yes, we are hot mammas. I think I am beautiful.
----End of internal ping-pong thoughts

So I just wanted to sum it up by saying, thanks for reinforcing my belief that I too can look as gorgeous as you did that day. You certainly look confident in your skin and look as if you FEEL beautiful. You truly do radiate inner beauty.

So, KUDOS to Dove...I've always loved their commercials. And hopefully, in the future girls/women will not have a warped sense of beauty.


A great ad - very clever!
shame Dove still make
anti-cellulite cream. Jurlique make beautiful products and very popular here in Australia!

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