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October 30, 2006



Ooooooh! I love designer packing tape too!

Here is black, with skulls:

And dotted line with scissors (cut here):
If the last link doesn't work, the brand is Pop Tape...they have tape that is photographic chain link, and barbed wire!
And regular tape that looks like zippers.

Thanks for these links....will go look now.


I am also a tape nut.
If you don't want to buy a ton of it, then check Dick Blick (my local store had a ton of the npw tape). Also Paper Source has "glittery tape" in all sorts of yummy colors. If you have a Japanese dollar store or Asian area near you (like we have several stores in Downtown L.A. and surrounding areas), they sell all sorts of yummy, funky tapes. GR2 (Giant Robot) in Los Angeles sells funky tapes in the store.
I can send you a care package if you want. I am leaving for Stampers Warehouse in Danville to teach this weekend but will be back next week!! It will give me an excuse to go there myself if you want some tapes, just let me know :)~Kelly


Have you tried http://www.fredflare.com/customer/product.php?productid=1538&cat=103


Cram Cream tape from Japan has awesome printed tapes.....there is an online store that sells it..hhmm,couldn't find my links (!) But there is a flicker group devoted to Cram Cream too....Daiso ( Japanese dollar store in Seattle should have some printed tapes)...which is where I got some.

Anahata Katkin

Thanks Gang! I will look into these more and if I get some great sources I will be sure to let you know too!

Tiffini Elektra X

Sigh. .the lace tape is frickin' fantastic. As all of them are really. . .the shut up one is great - although other expletives would be nice as well.


cute smaller tapes:


I adore these but have never owned one. Good luck with your shoping!


ah tape! i am teaching english in korea and for some reason they have a serious thing for super cool tape. i love it! i looked up millimeter milligram..one of my fave stationary desinger that does have an english web page.. but unfortunatlly no tape good luck in the search!


Hey all! I would someone to help find that colorful and incredible tape as well. It is really stunning!! I found the NPK tape and some fabric covered tape as well at The Container Store (recently opened in Century City Mall in LA). I am looking around @ other stores in the area, but if anyone else has more info please post it! THANKS!

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