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August 30, 2006



You've done a great job, it's wonderful! I taught myself html and css and it's easier than you think and fun if you like a challenge, I highly recommend it!


Your new site looks fabulous! Nice work.

Lisa Cohen

I just got my Art & Life too and I loved all the articles... but especially the ones on Photoshop since I use photoshop everyday to do my hobby of digital scrapbooking and designing. I absolutely love it and I love the tips to use it to re-use your own art in new ways... Reinvention. I love it! I have started putting up tutorials on my website for PS each week - there's just so much to learn. I've felt that I'm getting tired of my style... LOL! I tend to try to make everything look like paper... and the articles in the latest issue have inspired me to have a little more freedom... let loose when doing my next layout... and I've been wanting to do my art journal digitally forever. Now it's time I get OFF MY BUTT and do it. Thanks!


What gorgeous journals and the new site looks delicious!



The new site looks wonderful! I just subscribed to "Art and Life", and I'm excited to read your article. Where did you learn Photoshop? I've been limping along, trying to teach myself...but it's slow going. I'd love to take a class!


The article looks beautiful, I would love a copy of Art&Life. Well done on getting your new site up and running, it is gorgeous!


Oh I loved your artcle in Art and Life!!

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