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July 04, 2006


Jessica Hood

Sounds wonderful! Very nice (and interesting) image you created for today!


That sounds right. Holidays are supposed to give us a new perspective on our lives, make us evaluate, bring us closer to those values we hold dear, help us decide our priorities.

Anything that empowers you is good :)

Maya Papaya

Your angle on the theme of this holiday is refreshing. "Independence Day" has new opportunities with that mindset!


I love this concept. Thanks for the inspiration:) Happy Independence Day to you!!!


Love this image! Love your detail....and LOVE THE PENS I PURCHASED last week. The white pens are GREAT! You are right...nothing like them here! I will have to order a couple more just so I don't run out:)

liz smith

wonderful words--made my day!
hope you had a GREAT day!
liz xx


"A holiday that celebrates all the work we do to transform our minds and our hearts so that we may live a life that is authentic and organic."

What utterly, perfect, perfect words! How clearly it defines the intention. Love it.


LOVE The collage and your own thoughts on what independence means to you and can to others as well!! well said!!! how perfect!!!!! thanks!!


Thank you for that lovely post! Independence does take so many forms and channels. I was supposed to go to Laini's on the 4th but I ended up staying home the whole day and night and napping, writing and it was my definition of a perfect holiday!


Wonderful blog here. I can't wait to explore it further. Found it through Artsy Mama, through Tara Dawn, through Jessie, through Tammy. Don't ya love how that works?

You would probably love the abstract collages of Joseph Melancon. I took a collage class from him recently and he's very very abstract in his abstracts. He's at www.josephmelancon.com.

Keep on inspiring us artsy people with your creativity.

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