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May 23, 2006





wonderful & inspiring!
It makes me think what kind of art I would do if I could spend a day in some other artists studio...


Very pretty! And thanks for the intro to Posie Gets Cozy -- I know the store, and I THINK I know her mom from the Saturday Market (I could be wrong), and it was a fun small-world-Portland thing! And wow, her studio IS great!


I enjoyed the peek into Alicia's room yesterday, but I'll happily ooh and ahhh over yours today! Nice space!
What kind of crayon/oil pastels are you using there?


Nevermind. I just caught sight of your sidebar. Caran D'Ache, right?

Jessica Hood

Ok, I thought my mind was made up. I was planning to move into Posie's studio. But now I may want to live in yours! Maybe I could alternate. Stay in Posie's one month, yours the next. :)


oooooooo aaaahhhhhh. We are working plans for my studio space. in the cotton house on our property. i have bookmarked yours and posy's as study carfully posts for ideas. beautiful space.


Lovely space, full of he(art) and soul!


Hi gang! Thanks for the flattering feedback! It was hard to get any good pics of this room since it is a square and my photo skills need help. So the feedback is fun.
Yes Caran D' Ache crayons. They are just awesome. Another Teesha Moore tip that has changed me forever!


Your studio is lovely! I loved the Alicia's Posey Studio when I saw the pics yesterday & now yours today - maybe the Universe is trying to get me off my duff & organize my own. Thanks for the inspiration!
(found you by way of bluepoppy)

melanie komisarski

wow, what fabulous studios! You have such an inspiring space; I just looove those lights. It's always so cool to get a glimpse at other artists' creative spaces to see where all the magic happens.

Tiffini Elektra X

That library card catalog is amazing. How beautiful and serene your studio is. . .and those lamps. I noticed at Kathleen's blog you were going to be selling some like those. How exciting - I will definitely have to get some with my next order!


I love this glimpse of your studio... it's gorgeous!
I have so much fun even just looking at pictures of art supplies... I'm a true junkie!


now, I see why your art art is so bright & cheery!

Love the paper lanterns & the library card chest!

xo ~Izabella
p.s. here is a link to a friends art studio...ohhhh so dreamy :)


SO beautiful!!!!
so colorful!
I want one like this SOOO bad!!!!



Lisa Cohen

I just found your blog and plan on reading it more in depth when I'm not sick with a cold. Ugh. **cough cough**.

You studio is beautiful. I love that there's so much to see out in plain sight... to be inspired by. If I don't see stuff it doesn't get used and I forget that it exists. It's nice to see this executed so beautifully!


I love how you've furnished your studio, particularly the card index drawers - really stunning!


What a wonderful place to create!! I just have my dining room table boohoo....

decor8 Holly

soooo pretty. i love the lanterns. where did you get your office chair, i've been wanting something like that.




I'm in the process of re-organizing my studio and this is so inpsiring!

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