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April 11, 2008



All I can say is wow! Seems like it was an amazing experience.

jessi nagy

wow!!! these are all beautiful!!!
what a fun time!

Ananda Foley

Hope your son now believe you when you say you teach mandala classes... the photo was for him...
Danke ever so much for this great class, your teaching style a real contribution and extra level of expertise.
Writing from Switzerland - goodness is it a different world and a quick turn around from the Art Fest buzz. Will be here a month. Still considering Paul's mandala class in June too.
One more thing while I got ya - a dreamy airplane sleep to Zurich from Copenhagen, I had a great interview with you. I was asking all kinds of interesting questions, it wasn't necessarily going to be published anywhere, and you were in great interviewee mode, enjoying the questions. You even said so. That's all - Best, Ananda


I have always been an avid fan of yours from way back when (I first saw your amazing work in print years ago).. Just a note to tell you that you are a true inspiration :)

And how in the world are you able to create such giant collages??!

julie collings

dear anahata,
it was so wonderful to see you again. your wallpaper people class at artfest was absolutely incredible! i was actually quite intimidated to work on such a large piece, but so happy i did. thank you for the encouragement and the inspiration.
i enjoy just watching you create. . .it is unbelievable.
and you are indeed a lucky girl to have rose by your side! she has the tunes.
xo julie


I read here everyday...and was thrilled last week to find your cards in my local bookshop...snapped up a bunch of them..SO beautiful!
Looking at these pictures makes me want to take one of your classes...will there be another wallpaper people opportunity? An online class perhaps?
All Blessings to you and your wonderful work!

caryn crimmel

I was lucky enough to see some of this work at the artfest show and tell, and believe me they are even more stunning and impressive in real life. You really know how to get good stuff out of your students!! Well done.


Some amazing artwork. I love the panels. I never thought of doing mandalas like that. Looks like the class was a blast!!

gina armfield


The classes look wonderful - my friend Ginny took your wallpaper people and loved it and created a beautiful piece. Wish there was more time to take many more classes at Artfest! Love the Mandalas especially - question for you were the mandalas themselves hand drawn or was it a transfer or template? I would love to know so I can try it out. Thanks - Gina


Thank you so much for a fabulous time making prettiness! You are a great teacher and a kind and generous soul....and you are extra groovy!!! Give a hug to Rose from me :) see you at the trade shows!!! Let me know if you have time to play !

Shelley Kommers

thank you for such a fantastic class!!! i truly had a blast, i could have spent all week making mandalas.
(and i'm thrilled to be featured in your picts, even with the double chin)
if you ever find yourself teaching in LA i would love to volunteer to assist you, keep me in mind.


The wallpaper people class rocked hard! I really enjoyed getting to see how you work and then trying it myself. I love my piece and have gotten rave reviews from friends & family. It was awesome to work so big... no more fears about that. I'm off to get more textured wallpaper. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. I'll take any class I can get from you.
hugs, Dori

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