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March 27, 2008


Ananda Foley

Our book club just read and discussed Wild Swans, the true story of three generations of women in China... so the author is sharing her story as well as her mother and grandmother's. Very rich story, so rich hard to read at times... but thought you might like to hear about it... will give your new image even more context. Enjoy.


gorgeous photo. there is something very lonely about her.


I love this photo! I love Asian influence in so many things. Lucky you!!

Jacqui Hyland

Hi Sweetie, We've spoken (Via the Internet) before, and I was sooo looking forward to taking your wallpaper people class on Friday, I think, I've been looking forward to this for a year, but I had to bow out because my Mother, who is 92 with cancer, was felled by this terrible virus and has been in the hospital for the past month. I just can't leave her.

I donated my ticket, housing, and meals to a lovely woman named June, who will be taking your class in my place. I am so happy that someone will get to enjoy Artfest in my stead. I feel good knowing that she will be so happy there and that my not being able to go means she gets to, and that all of the experiences and things that will happen as a result of her going are kind of meant to be.

I will so miss getting to meet and work with you : ( I am mad for your work, your eye, for your sense of style, your amazing talent and taste. I'm also sad that my favorite LA bookstore, Duttons, where I was overjoyed to find your cards and things, is closing, so sad.

Anyway, please stay in touch somehow. If there is any kind of hand out you give out I would so love to buy a copy from you. It would give me a sense of having been there. And I bought all of the supplies too. Oh well...

I hope you have the best time. A kind woman from the list offered to bring up my little bag of gifties for my teachers. I barely had time to create a business card and stuff the little bags with things, but I wanted to sed something so you should have a couple of strands of small pears and moonstones and some vintage buttons and things. I can't wait to see your pictures. And I was so looking forward to these great big pieces. I wanted to bring them home, frame them, and hang them on this big wall I have by my stairs.

Love ya,


love your style. love your taste. love your finds. and your blog is sweetness that goes nicely with my coffee.


VERY LOVELY indeed! That girl has wonderful taste...(I should know as I have gotten many goodies in the mail from her!!!)

Can't wait to meet you at the stationary show in May!!!!!

~Jes Berry


That is beautiful!!!

christine rose elle

Very very pretty! Looks like the makin's of something gorgeous around the corner!

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