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December 02, 2007



When Japan allowed their people to leave Japan ( around 1850 )many wanted to come to the US and many came via Mexico. This I know because I will soon be married into a Japanese family with family who did just that. I also happen to be Mexican and know that myself and some of my cousin have a wee bit of an Asian look about us...Last year I went to Japan for the very first time to meet family...The colors were as beautiful as my memories of Mexico City. This Mexican girl loves all things Japanese and have always been influence by all things Japanese.
I look forward to seeing what you will do with this wonderful photograh.


Wow Teresa. Thank you so much for your reply. I have a fascination with culture migrations and this is particularily interesting. Thank you for the insights.

jodi barone

She is fabulous. Just when I finally found myself contentedly perched before my screen, your post has me itching to run up to "The Town Dump" (an old store just up the street from me in Carefree, AZ, filled to the ceiling with treasures, well to me they are treasures, from every era originating in Arizona or Mexico)in search of beautifully saturated imagery like the lovely lady image you displayed.

The town dump has dozens of garages outside turned into outdoor showcases for their merchandise. One is in the theme of Frida Kahlo, others the various saints, another a mexican bar. Just taking photos there is great as the garage walls are covered in murals.
It will be wonderful to see what you do with your lady.

You have inspired me to do a post one day soon on "The Town Dump" hopefully showcasing my finds.

jodi barone


Try google-ing "la china poblana".


Check out the website,1421 the year china discovered the world. It seems that huge ships set out from china to document the world...they went to south america to trade leaving all kinds of chinese pottery and textiles behind....ps love your stuff! regards,Barbara.

karen benson

I have a friend whose grandparents were of Chinese nobility and there was a coo to overturn the government and kill them so they were rushed out of China and eventually ended up spending thier life in Mexico. My friends' Mom married a Hungarian man who worked all over the world contracting for the military. Since they did not want thier children to go to the middle-east, they sent them to boarding school in France...that being said, my friend is fluent in French, Spanish, Chinese and Hungarian. She married an Italian man and now her son is Hungarian,Chinese,Italian and of Mexican heritage...Isn't this world a wonderful melting pot?!!!
karen b.....

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