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June 12, 2007


Alexandra Naeve

I really like it! I think that the straight lines in the background really give a "technical" effect to the airy-fairy foreground image, which is very appropriate for a "hope" theme. And yes, I certainly do know the almost-x-rated cards you speak of, and I like this one because it isn't "over the top"..it's hard to explain what I mean by that, but I think it's very real, very down-to-earth. Congrats!!


Love it! plenty of kindness. The colours go very well as well


Go to Puerto Viejo and Monte Verde!!!
Puerto Viejo is the most virgin beach you can find. And Monte Verde has a Rainy Forrest reserve that you have to see to believe.
I was there 2 years ago and I still daydream about it.


I love it, on the one hand, but I must say I see more admonition in her face than sympathy or compassion. I feel like she's say "tsk...tsk...I told you that's what would happen..." - but maybe that's just me! :)


I agree with Hagit that it looks like she could be saying......."I told you so!"


My family "adopted" a boy from Costa Rica in high school- his family had been sending all of their children to the US for school, and he needed a place to stay. Email me, and I'll get you his email address (I don't want to include it in the post without his permission). j_hougen@hotmail.com

Also, a friend just spent 4 months down there, and kept up a mini-webpage (when he could) chronicling his exploits- the link is


Hope that helps! And PS, I love the card.

Jayne Bramley

I agree with the comments that she doesn't seem sympathetic, there is something not quite right, but I don't think it is her face but more the way she is standing with one arm on her hip, you usually do that when you are mad with someone and telling them off!!
ps This is the first time I have posted a comment I am somewhat of a lurker, but I just have to say I am a huge fan of your work and I am hoping to attend Artfest next year and take a class with you.


Congratulations lovely girl! Costa Rica sounds wonderful!

I feel like I have been so behind in my comments, but per usual each of your lovely creations is soul-fillingly beautiful!



I just loved Costa Rica. Hoping to be able to take hubby there one day. I would recommend Manuel Antonio National Park, beautiful rainforest and beautiful beaches. We stayed in a lovely hotel. No airconditioning or TV, walls made of screen, monkeys in the trees outside and I saw a sloth in a tree along the drive. Plus internet access across the road if you want it. I'll see if I can find the name of it.


There's still something about the image I don't like. The "Crown" on her head overpowers her...
I like the background though.


I MUCH prefer the second image for a sympathy card. However, the first version was also cool, but not as a means of expressing sympathy. LOVE LOVE LOVE your art!!!


I happen to love the first card, perhaps for all the wrong reasons but I love how she has her arms placed. I'm a very novice Photoshop user (CS2) and some what new to your site, so you may have answered this question before. Is you work mixed media, painting & drawing on the photos? Ok, I could ask a ton of questions if I could get to one of your classes,hopefuly next year I can....LOve your work, LOVE IT,LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Tee


Yep. The second one is it :) LOVE IT!


I, unfortunately, have had need lately for more 'sympathy' cards than I care to send. I do look for more hopeful tones, but sympathetic is something I feel since I 1. went through it so 2. can definitely feel sympathetic.

anyway...the Osa Penisula in CR is an area I would highly recommend.


Oh, Costa Rica -- that sounds awesome! I am deeply envious. Craving a vacation!!! The card is lovely. Sympathy IS a tough one. I think you've done it nicely!

Cindy In Carolina

Much better I think.


You are going to fall hard for Costa Rica- it really is that amazing! I'm sure you'll get tips on beaches and rainforests but if you wanted to stay near San Jose, the town of San Pedro would be ideal. Lots to see and do and this hotel is one my friends raved about: https://www.hotelcatalunia.com/

I'm so jealous!

anna maria

Love your art, as usual. I may be a little late on this, but congratulations on making the cover of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.


This is a great sympathy card! It is strange that I came by this very day that I had to purchase a sympathy card for a friend, and was thinking how, as a greeting card designer myself, I do not have one to offer and I decided against trying to make one, I did not think it could be done well in an way I would want - but you proved me wrong!


I love this card- the message is perfect and doesn't neccesarily mean "sympathy"- its great for someone who needs a little encouragement in hard times too...

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