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June 23, 2007



I agree - a dab won't do it! I want a whole room of wild puffs! Our flat is so small that we only have a 2seater sofa and a desk chair - now I'm picturing a sea of puffs with a few little tables to use as stepping stones.

from London


I want those pants!


Oh, you're right! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm moving this week and am of course dreaming about how to decorate each room. The Amy B fabrics are perfect!


great pictures - great fabric! do you know she has a line of papers in these prints too?

hey, that re-covered sofa's looks like one of my father's designs... (my father was a mid century modern furniture designer..)

I "can" sew.. but upholstering scares the hell out of me.. and the $$ in fabric you'd have to invest.. and then what if you messed it up?? I can understand your fear - but I bet you could do it if you set your mind to it. you seem like a pretty capable woman!

Melissa MH


OMG!!! Those are simply the MOST delicious patterns and colors juxtapositioned to one another that I've seen in a really loooong time! Dangerous. I don't have one iota of sewing skills, but I will find a way to get some of that scrumptiousness incorporated into my decor. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


You need to partner up with a buddy who sews - trade some of your fab artwork for their sewing skills.

liz elayne

i agree that these are wondrous! her prints make me a bit weak in the knees sometimes. and although i sew (and like using her prints to make my purses), the thought of trying to make those pillow seat-like things makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. but those pj pants! well, those are fantastic and something i might be able to tackle...


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jessi nagy

i love love love amy's stuff. gorgeous!
jessi nagy


Oh Amy Butler Puffs! Sooo Cute! I know that what ever you decide on will be perfect because you have an incredible talent with patterns!

Oh, and I ADORE your new cafe press items! So cute!

Have a wonderful day! Hugs!


she is brilliant ~ love these gum drop puffs, and you definately NEED one or two or three! so here's what you do, find a crafty sewer who loves your goods and swap with her! problem solved! i think i live way too far away, but i'd do it. xo

m i c h e l l e

I just picked up an Amy Butler book full of her fabrics and patterns. Yummy!!!!


I'm in love with her patterns and can't get enough of the papers...now I MUST have those pj bottoms - they are gorgeous :D

anna maria

I can really relate! I recently took a sewing class (for maybe the third or fourth time in my life, bought a sewing machine, never finished the projects, and couldn't wait for the class to be over (even though the teacher couldn't have been better). Good thing I bought a cheap machine.
By the way, congratulations on your beautiful art for the cover of Cloth, Paper, Scissors!


So...to those that have Amy Butler's "In Stitches" book...are those FABULOUS pants on her inspiration page and above the pattern called "wide-leg lounge pants"? I can't access her website to try to figure it out because i don't have the Flashplayer or whatever program is required (it crashes my system). They look like it..but in the book they look SSSOOO much wider in the leg..the above picture looks more fitted..and I LOVE them!!!!!

Bari Ackerman

She is the queen of fabric and design, she really is. Hope you know that you can get some of her pillows on her website, and all of the fabric is available at quilting stores. My favorite place to get it though is at https://www.reprodepot.com because I don't have to get my butt up off this chair. You don't need to sew, you just need to know someone who does. I hope your room re-do is going well... have fun.

Tracey MacLeod

God I would LOVE to know how to upholster No one here teaches it!!! these are too awesome & my patience is on the low side too! I can only get through the small stuff.... pillow cases pajama pants dolls.... & it took so long to get up to that! I just want it to appear! isn't there a button for this?


those fabrics are gorgeous, damn my short attention span, sewing bores me to no end. maybe this is the kick in the pants i need to dust off my sewing machine.

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