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September 26, 2006



Wow. I will need to come back and read this over again to properly take it all in. Very interesting and thought provoking.

Maya Papaya

I was actually procrastinating a creative project just now when I visited your site -- which helped me realize that I'm in the second step. Resistance. It's a gift of a coincidence to step back and look at the process you describe. Thank you!


Thank you so much for sharing this. RESISTANCE is so frustrating - I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person who goes through it and that it's a necessary step to COMPLETION!


Really interesting post! It's funny, aside from being an obsessive crafter, my "day job" deals with choreography. Even though it's a performing art, so much of what you wrote applies!


ana - most excellent post! thanks for sharing your process with us so that we may recognize and/or define our own process. love that you mentioned returning to a piece, rather than giving up on it. i play a game with myself in my journal, never letting myself pull out an ugly page....because the ugliest piece will teach me the greatest lesson as i try to redeem it. in the end, the page i keep returning to is the page i love the most.

thanks again....you are a generous soul to share yourself and make us think about resistance and pushing the boundaries.


This is a brilliant description of the creative process and beautifully outlines the way to work with your resistance. It is an incredibly valuable piece of text and I am going to bookmark it. You cover the topic so well and so concisely! I would simply love to see you write a book about artist expression and passion. You have found a way to teach novices (like me) about dimension and passion. That is a very complex thing to do and you did it all in five paragraphs.

I am constantly in awe of your work and this post is truly an inspiration. Thank You!


Lisa Cohen

THANK YOU!! I am going to print this out so I can refer back to it again and again. Your explanation is brilliant and really thought-provoking. I really love the process of this creative expression. I really need to work on getting past the resistance phase. And I love the jewel of wisdom from your high school art teacher.


Amazing and inspiring post. Thank you so much for putting it into words!


funny how you don't recognize something until you read about it and WHAM! it hits you like a ton of bricks, everything makes sense and you suddenly realize that you are not the only one who goes through a roller coaster of a creative process.

your words of wisdom about resistance and the need to ping pong are much needed at this point because i've been doing some serious ping ponging!

thank you!


thank you for posting this!

Catherine Witherell

I love how you wrote this down so clearly. My eyes were bugging out as I read it and all I can say is Wow! Thanks. Of course, my favorite part is when it all comes together in the end. Least favorite, when I have so much time to complete a project and yet I feel I am wasting it by resisting.


Eloquently put! I'm most prone to the shiny oject syndrome, which may be a form of resistance or ping ponging (depending on the circumstances). :) I have several different types of projects that I work on simutaneously (silver, paper art, polymer). When one starts giving me grief I start working on something else until I circle back around and finish. It works for me but I do have to be careful to actually come back and finish. ha! I love love the artwork you created with this post. Is that a print, so I can buy my own? :)

By the way, I'm thrilled that I'll be in your class at artfest! Looking forward to meeting you.


Genius. I think this process makes itself known both on the small scale with individual project and on the large scale over the life of an artist. Thank you!

Nic Hohn

Thank you Ana, this information came to me at the perfect time!! It is great to be conscious of the creative process...and not to allow the logic of resistance and criticism to take hold.Your sharing of wisdom opened a conscious window so I could finish a new painting..


Oh I love the way you look at the creative process! You've expressed your process so eloquently and have made me look at mine in a whole new light! I've been stuck in the resistance stage for a while now...I just can't seem to move forward on anything. Now I see how I can move through it and get to the next stage. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! I too will be printing this out for reference and putting in a prominent place in my studio to refer to again and again.

And I'm so excited that I got into one of your classes at Artfest! The Saturday one Symbolic Icons. Oh and I meant to ask if you think you may be teaching any more journaling classes like the one you're teaching this weekend in Arizona? I didn't see anything on your schedule and was wondering if maybe you might have something in the works up my way here in Portland, Oregon.

Amy Lee

Hey, thank you soo much for sharing! I have been slapped in the face by the Resistance Phase for years... I am just learning that art (and life) is this wonderful process of trial and error, pass and fail, and this post totally solidified this new learning. Thanks so much for the insight!

Success over 'the chatter' is really the definition of an artist.. making no excuses to not create - pressing on! Thanks again!!!


Thanks for posting this. Someone left a post on my blog recommending it. It is so true. For me, resistance comes in the form of the ugly stage or the "no way I can do this" stage. I'm just now to the point where I expect it, so I can work on through it.

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